A love letter to my future working self

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18th November 2020

Dear Cristina,

You have had a very eventful start to your coaching career, where you have hustled for contracts to work as a practitioner and also in growing your personal brand on social media. Clients have found you from all kinds of situations from seeing your talks on Instagram to overhearing the advice you gave an MBA student on the street. You have leaned into making the most of all the opportunities that have come your way.

But you have also struggled in being unable to place yourself in the corporate world. Beyond the communication & leadership workshops that you curate & deliver successfully, deep down you know there is so much you can offer on a personal level to people who want to lead our generation. You believe in unlimited potential which is why you are here, doing what you are doing and dedicating yourself to learning every day. Learning more about the human condition but also the unlimited potential of the mind as creators of our own reality.

You are a living example of what you believe in, which is what makes you authentic in your work.

But I also understand the inner-conflict you have felt. You have dealt with constant rejection from pitching to businesses and it has sometimes made you feel stuck in how you can really add value.

But soon the right businesses will find you who understand the potential of your skills, who will give you the resources to grow & develop the vision you see for the future of leadership & self-healing. They will allow you to research solutions and apply your passion to how you envision well-being that goes beyond traditional counseling & mental health advice.

Projects will line up for you soon where you will be able to apply everything you care about to businesses that are shaping our future.

Patience is key to your success. The world will soon be ready for you to teach quantum healing, spiritual growth & apply your passion for natural medicine & personalized leadership. You will be given the opportunity to teach even more people how to heal themselves using the deepest layers of the psyche.

The coaching industry is expanding to serve humanity and will give you expansive opportunities to work with pioneers in business & health.

I am so proud of you for being patient & believing in your truth.


Cristina in 2020

Cristina Lopez is a neuro-performance coach & state specialist. Cristina uses brain-based methods & studies the neuroscience of leadership & self-healing.

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